Daman’s Newly Renovated Merwanji Navroji Manekji Dar-e-Meher Holds Khushali-nu-Jashan

The Shree Daman Vapi Parsi Jarthosty Anjuman organised a ‘Khushali nu Jashan’, at the recently refurbished Merwanji Navroji Manekji Dar-e-Meher, in Daman, on 15th July, 2023 (Roj Shehrevar, Mah Asfandarmad; 1392 YD). The extensive restoration of the Dar-e-Meher was facilitated by the munificence and generosity of donors – Dadachanji Group of Companies, represented by Kairus Savak Dadachanii, Pervin Kairus Dadachanji and Rishad Kairus Dadachanji. The Jashan, which was held at 5:00 pm, was led by Vada Dasturji of Iranshah Udvada – Khurshedji Dastur.

The elaborate and exceptionally well-managed function was attended by over 500 community members, who travelled from Mumbai, Navsari, Pune and other cities, to attend this glorious occasion celebrating the auspicious re-opening of the Dar-e-Meher. From among a number of personalities who came to pay their respects, the dais was graced by Padma Shri Yazdi Karanjia – the unparalleled king of theatre and comedy, Homai Dadachanji (the mother of Karius Dadachandji), Homi and Dolly Madan (the father and mother respectively, of Pervin Dadachandji), with daughter Farah and son-in-law Yohan.

Surat’s most accomplished stage personality, known for her dynamism and dedication to community and social service – Maharukh Chichgar gracefully accepted the invitation to compare the occasion, infusing the evening with even greater energy and flamboyance.


The dedicated President of the Daman Vapi Parsi Jarthosty Anjuman, Ardish B. Vapiwala, gave a warm note of welcome to all and shared interesting insights into the history of the Dar-e-Meher, which was established in 1838 by Seth Shri Meherwanji Naoroji Maneckji, and last renovated 35 years ago. He said, “Today on this happy occasion, we are thankful that Dasturji Unwala family whose three generations have served this Agiary for 150 years, wherein Dadiba Hormusji Unwala Saheb also provided his utmost and continuous services to this Agiary. Our own Vada Dastruji Khurshed of Udvada and Dasturji Zarir gained much knowledge and experience from him. We also gratefully remember our well-known Mr. Dossabhai Oliaji from Devka, who rendered selfless service all his life to this Agiary.


Due to the reduction in Parsi population over the years, the state of this Agiary and Tower of Silence dilapidated as it was difficult to sustain. But, God sent us an angel in the year 2018, in the form of Mr. Karius Savakji Dadachandji who came forward to help us, taking over all the expenses of renovating of the dilapidated Doongerwadi Bangli, in memory of his late father – Savaksha Phirozeshah Dadachandji. In addition, in 2019, he also offered a generous annual donation of Rupees six lakhs for the sustenance of the Anjuman. His largesse also extended towards the renovation of our Daman Agiary, for which he personally took out time from his hectic schedule, and along with the help of his good friend and architect – Khurshed Vazir Saheb, built this magnificent unconsecrated Dar-e-Meher.

We are further delighted to share that Karius Dadachandji has announced an increase in the annual donation – from six lakhs to ten lakhs, from 2023. We are immensely thankful to Seth Shri Kairus Saheb and all his family members. And we wish them and all our attendees a happy and blessed life, now and always! Ameen! Ameen!”

The Daman Vapi Parsi Jarthosty Anjuman is helmed by President – Ardish B. Vapiwala, alongside an able team, comprising Vice President – Aspi E. Damania; Secretary – Kaiwan C. Toddywalla; Treasurer – Rohinton R. Engineer; and Exec. Committee Members – Firoz B. Damania, Mazda H. Motiwala and Mazda C. Toddywalla. The evening concluded with a delectable dinner for all attendees, catered by Navsari’s Soonu Kasad.

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