IASAP Celebrates Women’s Empowerment With Chief Guest Yasmin Mistry

The Indian Association of Secretaries and Administrative Professionals (IASAP) held a special meeting on 8th July, 2023 in Mumbai, to celebrate Women Empowerment. IASAP President Kashmira Gamadia gave the welcome note and addressed the members. The elegant and dynamic industrialist, philanthropist, beauty queen and community service stalwart – Yasmin Jal Mistry, who was crowned Mrs. World International 2022, was the Chief Guest. A shining example of the modern-day Indian woman, Yasmin Mistry serves as the perfect example in leadership, business, and community service – blessed as she is with not just beauty and brains, but a heart of Gold. She is known for blazing a trail of success that serves as a beacon for aspiring leaders, especially women.

A group quiz which was held earlier set the tone for the insightful talk on Women empowerment by Yasmin Mistry. In her impactful speech, Yasmin emphasized on the indispensability of education for women as empowered women can go on to empower a whole generation. She credited her brilliant successes to her wonderful family – her late father – Jal Mistry, her mother – Arnavaz Mistry, and her younger sister – Mehroo, expressing deep gratitude to her mother Arnavaz Mistry for imbibing in her a ‘can do’ attitude, and motivating her to do bigger and better things, thus making her a fearless go-getter in life.

Though she started out as an impressive model at age 16, Yasmin’s father’s untimely passing had her take on the reigns of his transport business instead. Through sheer hard work, grit and determination she took on this male-dominated world to come out riding the wave in just seven years, building the business into a Logistics giant. She went on to expand her horizons to the Engineering business, commanding factories in Gujarat and Pune, and hiring women in these factories, thus imbibing the spirit of financial independence. As the Managing Director of Y M Securities, Mistry Logistics and Durand Forms (India) Pvt. Ltd., she has built her businesses from strength to strength to become major contributors to the wheels of the Indian economy. She also heads the Zoroastrian Trust Funds of India (ZTFI) – a leading NGO dedicated to uplifting and supporting the community’s underprivileged. “High achievers focus on opportunities and make them happen,” said Yasmin.

In September 2022, she was awarded the ‘Top 10 Emerging Leaders of 2022’ award for her indefatigable commitment and diligence, followed by yet another prestigious recognition where she was awarded the ‘Dynamic Woman Entrepreneur’ award at the ‘Atal Achievement Awards 2022’, at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi. Yasmin was crowned Mrs. World International on 5th June, 2022, from among 56 worldwide contestants. As Founding Trustee of ZTFI, Yasmin has contributed immensely to the Parsi community – bettering the lives of less-fortunate Zoroastrians, which she says is her way of giving back to the community. She parted with a message for all the Secretaries and Admin Professionals saying, “Be empowered in your Job. And in turn, empower your bosses!”

Mithoo Wadia presented Yasmin Mistry with a token of appreciation. Prizes were announced by President Kashmira for the lucky draw. The event concluded with Governing Council member, Hanisha Vazirani giving the vote of thanks.

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