Ratan Tata’s Appeal For Community Animals During Monsoon

Known for his kindness and active welfare efforts for our community (street) animals, business magnate, Ratan Tata – Chairman Emeritus, Tata Group, recently put out a fervent appeal for all to watch out for these animals during the rainy season.

A simple humane act could make a huge difference to these animals who have no fixed or secure shelter or source of food, and whose lives come into question especially during the monsoons, when they are critically exposed to pests and vulnerable to infections that can have severe to fatal consequences.

Dedicated to this cause, our ‘community-no-kohinoor’ Ratan Tata shared the following message on his social media platforms: “Now that the monsoons are here, a lot of stray cats and dogs take shelter under our cars. It is important to check under our car before we turn it on and accelerate to avoid injuries to stray animals taking shelter. They can be seriously injured, handicapped and even killed if we are unaware of their presence under our vehicles. It would be heartwarming if we could all offer them temporary shelter when it is pouring this season.”

While we get our house-pets dewormed during this season, as is necessary in this season, our community pets get left out. Individuals and societies could reach out to local animal welfare organisations to provide the needed assistance. Providing temporary shelter and food alongside deworming efforts would go a long way in making a positive impact on their lives and well-being.

As per reports, India’s stray dog population is around 35 million, and disproportionate to the adequate requirement of animal welfare groups. Hence, as a society and a dog-loving community, we could help out, in our own way, to ensure the basic well-being of our community animals.

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