CBUSWL Holds First Ever All-Parsi Super Six Tournament

[Courtesy: Hoshaang Gotla]


The Cusrow Baug United Sports and Welfare League (CBUSWL) successfully brought the exhilarating First All Parsi Super Six Tournament 2023 to life, captivating sports enthusiasts with its enthralling display of talent and team spirit. With an impressive prize money of Rs. 50,000 up for grabs, the tournament held at the Cusrow Baug Pavilion became the focal point of the Parsi community’s sporting calendar.


The success of the tournament would not have been possible without the unwavering support of its generous sponsors – DBS Bank, Suzanne & Khoremand Irani, Zend Family of Peekay Wines, Tandy’s Creamery, and Parsi Times, the official Media Partner. Their commitment to promoting sports and nurturing the spirit of unity within the community played a pivotal role in making the event a resounding success.


Over the course of four action-packed days, Cusrow Baug witnessed a total of 940 minutes of pure sporting excellence, featuring a staggering 229 games. The event saw an incredible turnout of 96 participants, who showcased their prowess across 93 matches. The competition was fierce, with 16 teams vying for the coveted title. One of the distinctive aspects of the All Parsi Super Six Tournament was the format, where each team comprised only six players. This innovative twist added a layer of intensity to the games, as every player’s performance became crucial in determining the outcome of each match. Each team had to win 2 out of 3 sports to qualify for the next round.


The tournament brought together enthusiasts of three different sports, making it an extraordinary multi-sport event. Carrom, table tennis and badminton enthusiasts cheered passionately for their favourite teams, creating an electric atmosphere that resonated throughout Cusrow Baug. The organizers ensured that the tournament was accessible to as many people as possible by holding the matches over two weekends. This scheduling decision allowed the community to come together and immerse themselves in the thrill of the sporting spectacle.


Finally, the champs of the All Parsi Super Six Tournament 2023 were Captain’s Clan A Team, comprising players from various colonies, who won the prize money of Rs. 25,000. The runner up team was Captains Clan B, also had a mixed bag of players, and took home Rs. 10,000. The two teams from Nowroze Baug claimed the third position and took away Rs. 5,000 each. Special prizes were given to two promising youngsters – Jehan Kolah and Yashan Kolah, 8 and 11 years old respectively, but played Table Tennis better than most and won all the games they participated in beating participants thrice their age! Special Prizes were also given to Khursheed Karadia (74 years) for participation in carrom and Parvez Davar (80 years) for participation in table-tennis and for their infectious enthusiasm.


Setting the stage for an annual celebration of sporting excellence within the Parsi community, here’s looking to future editions of the All Parsi Super Six Tournament 2023!

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