The Sky Is No More The Limit!


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Despite her massive diversity, there are times when India – the world’s most populated nation and our homeland – comes together to celebrate as one proud republic, in the true essence of national unity. This is what we experienced on the 23rd and 24th of August, 2023, when India’s Chandrayaan-3 lunar rover successfully landed on the Moon’s South Pole, marking a historic achievement for the country’s space program. This makes India only the fourth country in history to have soft-landed a spacecraft on the moon, and the very first to have done so in the moon’s South Polar region.

Kudos to the brilliant scientists and multiple dedicated teams at ISRO – the Indian Space Research Organisation, on this landmark achievement. Surely one of the tallest feathers in India’s cap, this triumph, which showcases the nation’s escalating prowess in technology, has every Indian’s heart thumping with immense pride, awe and admiration. Even as congratulatory messages started pouring in from across the world, it’s evident that India’s dedication to space exploration is carving its own niche in the global space community.

In fact, the Chandrayaan-3 Landing live-stream was watched by over 8 million people on YouTube, breaking all previous records! The numbers watching the recording, across various other social media and news platforms, would have made for yet another one! But what stood out as much, was the palpable joy and happiness of an entire nation – people across India were jubilant and cheering loudly… on the streets, in buses, at home or at the workplace, hugging each other, breaking out into singing the national anthem spontaneously… the pride, the joy, the energy was unparalleled. As a nation, we were literally over the moon! It even outdid the absolute ecstasy we felt when India won the cricket World Cup, and rightly so!

As a community that has contributed greatly to every aspect of India’s progress, we were indeed as overjoyed. With ISRO having reaffirmed its position as one of the trail-blazing space-faring nations, and thereby gaining a strong foothold in more collaborative missions with other space agencies, here’s looking forward to seeing some brilliant Parsi minds yet again contributing to the added Indian glory, where, even the sky is no more the limit!

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– Anahita

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