Fund Raiser By Doa Bakshidan

For the past five years, Doa Bakshidan, founded by Diana Doctor, has been providing care, education medical aid, and vital assistance to the underprivileged of our community and to countless individuals in need.

“Your sponsorship or donation isn’t just a contribution, it’s a lifeline. With the support of our community, we’ve been able to light the path for a brighter tomorrow. Sponsors and donors are not merely benefactors but integral parts of a movement that transcends mere charity. They are the change-makers, the visionaries who believe in a better world,” says Diana Doctor.

Doa Bakshidan is holding a fund-raiser commemorating its fifth anniversary on 9th September, 2023, which includes a Jashan, variety entertainment and dinner at Cama Baug hall. A ‘Gara Raffle’ is also on the cards, where you could win a stunning red and white Gara saree at the event. All proceeds will go towards continuing their community and social causes.

Doa Bakshidan invites all to be part of their mission in transforming lives in need. For tickets and to support this cause or for further details, contact: Diana Doctor (99304 34171); Dilly Umrigar (9820239105); Zeenobia Printer (9892253403); Vahbiz Bharucha (9820951202); Kashmira Surti (9820751440);Jenifar Challa (9619633323); Meher Sinor (9820127945)

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