Invisible Helpers

Just as we have good human beings in our physical world who help others, there are higher spiritual beings in the Universe who help others to evolve on their spiritual journey. These are invisible helpers or souls from higher dimensions who have attained what we call Moksh, Nirvana, Mukti or liberation and who no longer need to reincarnate, but do so from time to time to guide and help humanity like many prophets. However, there are invisible helpers who don’t incarnate but help humanity from higher realms. They do this whenever planet Earth is going through a period of darkness.

Planet Earth is just a tiny planet in a small solar system at the edge of the Universe. It’s currently going through darkness and there’s going a massive energetic and vibrational shift on way, to clear this darkness and move into ‘Light’. This has happened several times when the surface of the Earth was extinguished and human beings and other life forms (like the dinosaurs) were completely destroyed, and a whole new era was created and developed over thousands of years.

If you observe, even today, huge populations are being wiped off by wars, volcano eruptions, Tsunamis and earthquakes. Entire species of birds, animals and reptiles are being destroyed. Some evolved species and creatures are actually leaving our planet voluntarily. Invisible helpers from higher spiritual civilizations in different dimensions and planetary systems are watching planet Earth and mankind in particular since they can transcend time and space. Some of their vehicles are called UFOs. In the book, ‘Chariot of the Gods’, Erich Von Daniken puts forward a theory that most of the wonders of the world were made by these helpers from a higher civilization. He gives us the example of the temple at Machu-Pichu, the great Pyramids of Egypt and the Stonehenge in Europe and says that these were not made by man. Daniken was criticised by several people and praised by spiritualists, psychics and clairvoyants.

These helpful spiritual beings have extremely advanced techniques like telepathy, healing diseases by mere touch and imparting knowledge from the astral world to those who want to spread it. They will make these techniques known to us only when they are sure that humans use it to benefit mankind and not to destroy each other. Some of those techniques are machines that work without fossil-fuel (we already use solar-energy for electricity), purifying the elements like air, water, ground and soil, healing by transference of energies through touch (eg. Reiki), healing diseases through colour, sound, light and crystals etc and an education-system which gives more importance to spirituality than academics.

There are innumerable things that these invisible helpers want to teach us but only if we are worthy of that knowledge and use it for the betterment of humanity. At present, our planet is going through darkness hence we can’t easily connect to these higher dimensions which are at a much higher frequency because they are closer to the Universal source of the all-pervading “Light” (referred to in Zoroastrianism as Anasar-Roshni). To come in contact through telepathy with this light, one must be in deep contemplation, in a state of meditation. This is the only way to receive this knowledge but, the invisible helpers decide how much light-energy to send you, depending on the capacity of the receiver. If high- voltage is suddenly given, a person would get mentally-burnt with its strong energy. Hence, some spiritual secrets are best kept as secrets!

The ‘grid of light’ around planet Earth has a very strong connection with invisible helpers. The Age of Aquarius has begun and since 2012, ‘spiritual-illumination’ has been initiated. The conflict between good and evil, light and darkness has begun. Everything ‘negative’ will be destroyed and replaced by ‘positive’. What is the one important lesson in all this? It’s unconditional love because love is the highest spiritual force in the Universe.

Several readers may or may not agree with this article and that’s alright. After all, for those who believe, no proof is necessary and for those who don’t, no proof is enough! To each his own!


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