Pune’s Kayani Bakery In ‘World’s 150 Most Legendary Dessert Places’ – Ranked Among India’s Top 6 Dessert Places –

The iconic, Pune-based Kayani Bakery, popular the world over for its shrewsbury biscuits, has found its place in the list of the ‘World’s 150 Most Legendary Dessert Places’, by Taste Atlas – a global food guide, that researches thousands of flavours, dishes, and local eating and drinking places. Located in Pune’s Camp area, on East Street, Kayani Bakery was also named as one of ‘India’s Six Top Dessert Places In The World’.

Kayani Bakery was established in 1955, by brothers – Khodayar and Hormazdiar Kayani – who had come from Iran to Mumbai, and then settled in Pune. The bakery grew immensely popular by 1970, when their sons, Sohrab and Pervez Kayani, took over, and reached even greater heights when their successor, Rustom Kayani, joined the business at the age of 19 in 1985.

“It is truly overwhelming and joyful to be bestowed with such a huge honour, especially since we are a small, unassuming family business. It is an honour not just for us, the partners of the bakery, but also our family and staff. Congratulatory and heart-warming messages of appreciation have been pouring in from India and abroad,” said Rustom Kayani, in a press report.

In addition to its shrewsbury biscuits, Kayani Bakery is also renowned for its other excellent fares, including breads, cakes, khari and other biscuits. Named after a town in England, Shrewsbury biscuits are legendary for their melt-in-the-mouth delicacy, and though over 200 kilos of biscuits are baked in a single day, they are almost always sold out! The menu at Kayani has stayed mostly the same over the years. A hands-on family-run business prioritizes client’s needs and choices and focus on consistently serving the best quality.

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