Yazdi Tantra Conducts Insightful AI Webinar

The community’s Tech-guru of the community, as also the Chairman of the Zoroastrian Co-operative Bank Ltd (ZCBL), Yazdi Tantra recently conducted a most informative webinar exploring the comprehensive world of Artificial Intelligence for Money Life, titled ‘AI (Artificial Intelligence) Thoughts For The Layman’. He brought the audience up to speed with the developments in the AI field and how it applies to most aspects in daily life.

A wide range of subject areas related to Artificial Intelligence were covered, including Analysis of Data and Predictions; how voice, images and video can be used productively; Self-driving cars; applications in audio, video, medicine and law. Various aspects were covered in detail, keeping the large turnout of attendees captivated and informed. Upcoming innovations in Gmail, Google Photos and Google Maps were also fascinating. One of the most promising aspects of AI seems to be the analysis of patient information to assist doctors in predicting patient conditions and anticipating medical events up to 48 hours before they occur, giving doctors enough time to prepare and respond. This was followed by a highly interactive Question and Answer session.

As demonstrated by the large number of positive comments, the audiences were indeed fascinated to learn of the diverse range of subjects and applications of AI – expressing much gratitude to Yazdi Tantra for making the session so informative as well as enjoyable! A recording of this talk, and other talks, is available on his YouTube Channel: https://bit.ly/yazdiyoutube.

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