Global Tipping Point Summit 2023 Concludes Successfully

Designed to bring about visible and effective changes in education, the annual Global Tipping Point Summits (GTPS), were first conducted in August 2020, as the brainchild of Founder Director – Dr. Coomi S. Vevaina, who also serves as Professor Emeritus, Christ University, and has been the former HOD – English, Mumbai University. With over 200 high-profile speakers from India and other countries and 9,000 online participants, the Summits have resulted in over 15 Action Projects conducted in rural and urban India.

Hosted by summit-partners – JBCN International School and HSNC University, the GTPS 2023 was held from 6th – 8th October, and explored the theme, ‘Teaching Environmental Sustainability Through The Arts’. GTPS 2023 aimed at nurturing and engaging educational environments that championed sustainability, and empowered young minds to bring about meaningful change in the world through artistic expression. Over three days, participants immersed themselves in diverse art forms, unlocking their true potential and exploring innovative avenues to inculcate a sense of environmental responsibility.

Dr. Coomi S. Vevaina curated an exceptional ensemble of speakers and knowledge partners with globally renowned artists performing and interacting with teachers and students. The summit commenced with a captivating inauguration ceremony featuring an insightful discussion titled, ‘Biodiversity, Economics, and Climate Change’. Eminent speakers gracing the occasion included Bittu Sahgal – Founder, Sanctuary Nature Foundation, alongside sessions with renowned puppeteer Padma Shri Dadi Pudumji, a captivating Kathak performance by Dr. Piyush Raj, and a laughter-filled stand-up comedy session by Cyrus Broacha. Participants were introduced to various forms of creative expression, including theater, musical theater, stand-up comedy, visual arts, photography, filmmaking, sculpture and installations. They also engaged in sessions on storytelling and mime, music, singing, and literature, rounding out a diverse and enriching creative experience.

Speaking with Parsi Times, Dr. Coomi Vevaina said, “GTPS 2023 was an attempt to inspire ecological activism through the arts, as the Arts provide a perfectly legitimate way of participating in struggle and effecting a change in consciousness. The participants of the sixteen schools included both teachers and students. The Summit was so successful that a consortium of schools will soon be constituted to implement the ideas gleaned from the Summit and my new book, ‘Redesigning Education: 5 Steps to Becoming Enablers for Change’ (which was released at the Summit). We have decided to work collaboratively in an attempt to make our rapidly shrinking and increasingly threatened world a better place for ourselves and for generations to come.”

An immediate outcome of the Summit was the formation of the Global Tipping Point Consortium of Schools for Global Citizenship Education. All schools are welcome to join the consortium and undertake joint projects. For further details and for viewing sessions:

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