Hyderabad’s Chenoy Dar-e-Meher Asks Govt. To Resolve Sewage Blockage

Hyderabad’s famous Bai Maneckbai Nusserwanji Chenoy Dar-e-Meher has been facing an unprecedented sewage blockage crisis, as the original sewerage line, laid over a century ago, has been unlawfully blocked by a restaurant which shares its compound wall.

Built in October 16, 1904, the 119-year-old Agiary holds historical, cultural and architectural significance and has housed generations of Parsi families based in Hyderabad. A tranquil haven amidst the bustling city life, the Agiary complex, situated on Tilak Road, is home to around 45 Parsi families. But since March 2022, the peace has been disrupted due sewage issues as residents struggle amidst the unhygienic contamination that they have been forcefully subjected to.

The restaurant (Santosh Dhaba) which set shop twenty years ago, has caused sewage water to inundate the entire colony, posing distressing health problems to the residents and tainting the serenity of this sacred place. The sewage problem has become a nightmare for the residents as it has contaminated the sacred well water, and flooded their homes with filthy water. Due to this contamination of the drinking water supply, residents are forced to purchase bottled water, which many are unable to afford. For the residents, this is beyond being inconvenient, it’s sacrilege.

The residents and the custodians of the Bai Maneckbai Nusserwanji Chenoy Dar-e-Meher have appealed for a swift resolution to restore the sanctity of this sacred space. The Bai Maneckbai Nusserwanji Chenoy Fire Temple Endowment Trust Fund has also been passionately working to protect and conserve this property, which was honoured with the prestigious ‘HUDA Heritage Building Award’, in 2001. It is crucial that the state authorities intervene and secure the sanctity of the Agiary, in reverence of both – our faith and our heritage.

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