Parsi Times is Eggstremely Eggsited to announce the results of our ‘No Can Do Without EEDU!’ – World Egg Day Contest! We thank all our Eggseptional participants who sent in some Eggsellent entries! Congratulations to our Winners and to those who surely deserved a special mention! (Winners are requested to email us at editor@parsi-times.com to collect their prizes)


Feroze’s Eeda Antics!

In the land of Parsis, where dhansak is king,
There’s a tale of an egg, that makes everyone sing.

A Parsi named Feroze, with a heart full of cheer,
Loved his akuri, with a cold glass of beer.

One day he woke up to a fridge eggless,

‘Oh Khodai! Aai su! Such a disgrace!!”
He ran to the bazaar, with a jaldi in his step,
For a Parsi without eggs, its truly out of pep.


But then he saw a hen, clucking by the road,
An idea struck him, like a poetic code;

He brought the hen home, named her Shirin,
And waited for the eggs, with a grin.

“Shirin, dear,” said he, “Lay an egg, don’t jest!
Or my breakfast will be a mournful fest!”

Shirin squatted, and out popped an egg,
Feroze danced with joy, on just one leg!



An Ode To Eeda

Our beloved eedu and its many forms,

This ode I write to celebrate,

With sali, tamotu or sukku-gos,

I demand eeda on my plate!


Bheeda par eedu, with okra so green,

A medley of flavors, a culinary dream!

Eeda-chutney pattice, with spices divine,

A burst of joy like this flavorful rhyme.

In the land of dhansak and patra-ni-machhi,

You, dear egg, can well hold your own;

Scrambled, poached, or sunny-side up,

To appreciate and love you I have grown.


In Parsi homes, you’re a symbol of delight,

Morning, noon, or night, you’re always just right.

So, on this special day, we sing your praise,

Oh, eeda, in our hearts, you forever blaze.



The Eggxalted Eggzhilarating Eggxtra-Ordinary Egg!

Oh, what an Eggceptional morning,

Oh, what an Eggcellent day!

I’ve got an Eggciting feeling,

An Eedu is coming my way!

I Eggerly wait at the table,

Which Eggstra treat is it today?


Will it be an Eleggant omelette?

Eggsquisitely fresh on my plate?

Or some Eggstra-special Akuri?

That would be Eggceedingly great!!

Or maybe some Sali-per-eedu,

For my very Eedu-cated palate?

Have I Eggsplained it correctly?

And made my Eggspectations clear?

I wouldn’t Eggschange my Eeda,

For any other Eggxotic fare!

My Eggerness needs no Eggsplanation,

Eeda to my heart are so dear!



WINNER: Farishteh R. Dastur

Caption: My Life’s Funda… Never To Get An Andaa!



The Eggstremely Eggsquisite Eedu!

To know which came first – the chicken or the egg,

I’d probably give an arm and a leg.

But who cares to know what’s actually true,

I’d like to believe, it’s the ‘Super-Eedu’!!

The phrase that rings out loud to me and you,

Is: ‘No Can Do Without EEDU’!

Akoori and Poro are relished by all,

Saying ‘Nay’ to spread it on veggies, none have the gall.

No eggsplanation is required why eggs taste so good,

They’ve become a part and parcel of our daily food.

Scrambled eggs taste eggscellent on crispy toast,

That’s my daily breakfast, I always like to boast.

There’s no reason or an eggscuse to eggsist,

Eggcept for Eeda dishes, which are hard to resist.

Without eggsageration, eedas whisk my heart away,

It’s always so eggciting to eat it everyday.


SPECIAL MENTION: Kainaz Bhamgara 

Caption: Don’t eat my bheju, instead eat charvelu eedu!

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