Taronish Cooper: Transforming Dream Concepts To Creative Concrete

‘PT Push’ is Parsi Times’ endeavour to promote and encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship, dedicated to furthering the cause of all budding entrepreneurs in our community, by sharing their efforts with our readers, and gaining your support for their ventures. In this episode, PT Push presents the dynamic architect and designer – Taronish Cooper, who is always up for a challenge to wow you with his unique ability to blend art, science and functionality into delivering the perfect interior and structural solutions…

Entrepreneur Taronish Cooper is an Architect with over eight years of rich experience in designing all kinds of spaces, with a specialty in providing out-of-the box designs bursting with creativity and originality, transforming every client’s dream into reality. Residing at Rustom Baug, even as a young boy, Taronish always displayed exemplary talent for drawing, which, nurtured by his supportive family, helped him find the answer to his calling. Exploring his genius creativity and excellent vision for design and space-management, Taronish embraced the field of Architecture and Design. He established ‘Design It’ in partnership, in 2016, and has since completed over 60 projects, leaving a trail of very satisfied clients. Parsi Times catches up with Taronish Cooper…

PT: Tell us a little about yourself

Taronish: Two qualities that I have always been associated with, ever since I was a child, include my creativity in design and a strong sense of independence. After graduating in Architecture, and having learnt the essentials through my scholastic internships, I stood at the crossroads between taking a job or simply diving into entrepreneurship. I feel fortunate and grateful to have always received the support of my family, which enabled and empowered me to choose the latter, and take on the entrepreneural journey in the vocation of my dreams! I founded ‘Design It’ – a design studio which provides end-to-end solutions in everything related to architecture and design. It’s been nine years since and I’ve been blessed with enriching experiences which have further polished my professional repertoire as an Atchitect.

PT: What motivated you to pursue this field?

Taronish: There is no better feeling than seeing something that you envision, come to life. This is the essence of design and architecture. My grandmother played a crucial role in encouraging my creativity and talent by keeping me occupied always – with origami or Lego or sketching and even simple household objects. This further triggered my inbuilt curiosity about the functionality of things and my love for aesthetics. By the time I appeared for my HSC (Class XII), I knew that the field I wanted to pursue had to be design-related and hence I chose Architecture.

PT: Describe the range of services you provide. What USP do you bring to the table?

Taronish: I provide design solutions across the spectrum – and look forward to the next challenge that needs creative solutions… From commercial to hospitality, from residential to industrial, I create spaces that are elegant and functional.

The architecture and interior design industry offers multiple options for achieving the same end result. I believe what sets me apart is the amalgamation of passion and mad scientific curiosity that transforms even the most challenging dreams into reality. I have successfully designed and created many avantgarde assemblies, catering to some of the most unconventional penchants of my clients.

I take pride not only in working in sync with my clients and what they ask me to create but also in taking the time to getting to know them personally so that I can offer ideas they may not have initially considered. I believe it’s important for my clients to join me on the journey, from conceptualization to turning their dreams into reality. I ensure that they feel they know as much about the project’s process as I do, which, in turn, adds a layer of informed decision-making at their end.

PT: What values / philosophy do you hold close and practice that have contributed to your success?

Taronish: I feel blessed to be born Parsi. I believe that there is no substitute to hard work and dedication, but it’s even more important to ensure consistency in thought, word and deed. It is mainly these simple truths which have helped enrich my successful journey as an individual and as a professional.

PT: Any message you’d like to share with our readers?

Taronish: Too often, clients are told, ‘This is not possible or practical!’. Truth is, it all boils down to one’s intent and capabilities to get the job done. Do not give up on your vision of the perfect home or structure, as conceived by your imagination – DO NOT SETTLE FOR LESS. All you need to do is find the right professional who will transform your dream into reality!

PT: What’s plans for the future?

Taronish: To keep doing what I do best, whilst pushing creative boundaries.

[To connect with Taronish Cooper, email him at workwithtaronish@gmail.com]

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