Let’s ‘Leap’ Into 2024!

Dear Readers,

For some of us, 2023 seems to have swooped past us too soon, while some couldn’t wait for it to end! In either case, it’s that time again when we bid adieu to another year and look forward to a brand-new orbit. One of the best things about welcoming a new year is that feeling of a new opportunity to start over, to welcome 2024 with a clean slate and hope this will be our best year yet!

But what will transform that feeling into reality is being equipped with a workable plan – you see, things just don’t happen coz you want them to – they’re a product of vision, strategy, commitment, hard work and self-motivation. It is this reality, that we need to imbibe at an individual level, which will collectively determine the destiny of ourselves, our family and our community.

As you know, 2024 is a leap year, and there’s as many positive superstitions surrounding it as there are negative. Some believe leap years bring good luck and prosperity, others believe leap years are riddled with challenges and loss. Truth is, what the New Year brings to you depends almost entirely on what you bring to the New Year. In a couple of days, ‘January 1’ will mark the first blank page of a 365-paged book, called ‘2024’… you’re the author – write a good one!

Set your goals, pursue them with determination and discipline, because, as the saying goes, “We have all of eternity to celebrate the victories, but only a few short hours before sunset to win them.” So, get going! Make it worth your time… and ensure you have a lot of fun along the way!

May we leap into the New Year with renewed spirits, smiling hearts, healthy bodies and restored faith to take on life’s challenges and live the truly Zoroastrian way of life, embracing compassion, honesty, industriousness, happiness and generosity.

On behalf of Team PT, Happy New Year 2024!

– Anahita

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