‘For The Strength Of The Pack Is The Wolf…
…And The Strength Of The Wolf Is The Pack’

Dear Readers,

Occasionally, we stumble upon an old favourite quote or song which fleetingly transports us into that feelgood zone, either refreshing an erstwhile memory, or then finding some pertinence in current situations. I experienced the latter recently while surfing television, when I chanced upon these famous lines by Rudyard Kipling, ‘For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack’, from the superhit, ageless classic film, ‘The Jungle Book’.

I couldn’t help but relate the essence of this truth with a community as ours. Just as the potency and safety of a pack depends upon the solidarity of its wolves, a community’s strength and security is also contingent on the collective efforts, experiences and unity of its people.

Despite the dwindling numbers of the Parsi community, it is heartening to see consistent endeavours from across the world, by Parsi organisations and individuals, committed to empowering the community. Like the recent GWG (Global Working Group) annual meeting, held earlier this week, which had Parsi stalwarts, from India and the world over, come together to discuss community matters with the aim of paving the path ahead for the welfare, sustenance and success of the community.

The enthusiasm, commitment and fervour of community service was infectious and inspiring, setting the perfect precedent for the rest of us to do our bit for the community, in our own little ways, to ensure the strength and wellbeing of our ‘pack’, which in turn empowers our standing as individuals.

As for those typical naysayers, who can only see the empty half of the glass, who always ask what the community has done for them instead of reflecting on their own unfulfilled responsibilities; the ones who constantly sit back and comment ad nauseum on digital media about the ‘sad state of affairs’; the ones perpetually auguring doom… here’s yet another perfectly relevant Cherokee quote for them, “There are two wolves in all of us and they are always fighting. One is darkness and despair, the other is light and hope. Which one wins? The one you feed.”

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