Er. Zarrir Bhandara Delivers Invocation At Orange County City Council – Felicitated For His Services –

Er. Mobed Zarrir Bhandara, who heads the Zoroastrian Association of California Atash kadeh, was invited by the Mayor of Orange City (California, USA) to deliver the invocation during the Epiphany Session, at their upcoming City Council meeting, on 9th January, 2024. This historic gesture celebrated the diverse tapestry of religious beliefs in the city while resonating with the Zoroastrian faith’s core principles of ‘Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds’.

Er. Zarrir Bhandara’s captivating speech transported the audience, including city officials, residents, and members of the medical and social work communities, on a journey through Zoroastrianism’s rich history and its emphasis on environmental respect, inclusivity, and universal human rights. He drew parallels to the legacy of Emperor Cyrus the Great, a pioneer of human rights whose decrees inspired the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and influenced the American Constitution. “Our city thrives on the unique contributions of all its citizens. Let this council be a crucible where differences become ingredients for progress, and where compromises strengthen our bonds. Let us be co-creators of a brighter future for all,” he shared.

Er. Bhandara was also recognized for his exemplary acts of service. He has donated platelets and plasma over 550 times, saving the lives of over 1,600 individuals. This selfless dedication resonated with the city, leading Mayor Pro Tem Ms. Barrios and Mayor Dan Slater to present him with a plaque in appreciation.

Parsi Times congratulates Er. Zarrir Bhandara on this great achievement. Kudos for keeping the essence of Parsipanu alive and setting the precedent in embracing the spirit of unity and understanding, appreciating differences in tradition and culture, and working together to create a brighter future for all.

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