Cowasji Patell Agiary Celebrates 244th Salgreh

The glorious 244th Salgreh of the Atash Padshah Saheb at Cowasji Patell Agiary, located in Thane, was celebrated on 20th February, 2024. Being the first day of the working week, after an extended weekend, the event was attended by a few regular Zarthostis, for the morning prayers.

The evening celebration started with a special 1 kg. Maachi, offered at 4:00 pm, on behalf of the trustees of the Thana Agiary fund, by Er. Kersi Sidhwa. He was later joined for the Salgreh Jashan by Er. Mehernosh Dastur and Er. Darayus Karanjia. The Jashan began at 5:00 pm and as it progressed, the number of devotees, especially Thane Zarthostis, increased, with the Jashan concluding amidst a hearty attendance of humdins.

Er. Kersi Rustomji Sidhwa, a senior Mobed of Patell Agiary, who has been serving the holy Atash Padshah saheb of the Agiary for 16 years now, shared, “When I joined in 2008, there were more visiting Zarthostis at the Agiary, all-round the year and with greater regularity. Currently, the challenges of the working class keep them busy, and the footfall has decreased on regular days. But, on holidays and Parsi festivals, our Thane Zarthostis make it a point to visit and offer their prayers and Maachi in all Gehs at the Agiary. I don’t think the religion has taken a back seat and I strongly feel that the Zarthosti faith is still holding on.”

Emphasizing on the importance of prayer for the youth and the Navjote ceremony, he added, “Navjote is a symbol of religious identity for Parsis and reciting the Kasti and other prayers daily protects us all, especially the youth from any negativity and empowers them to be successful in life. Even our simple, regular prayers – ‘Yatha and Ashem’, when prayed from the heart help our Zarthosti students to excel in their exams. Faith in our religion is the order of the day for all!”

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