The Loss Of Legends

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This week saw the nation mourn the passing of two national treasures – our very own internationally celebrated legal icon – veteran senior Supreme Court lawyer and eminent jurist – Fali Sam Nariman; and the voice that dominated and represented the golden era of Indian radio for over four decades – Ameen Sayani. Both were incomparable revolutionaries in their respective fields. Both were revered and cherished nationally.

The passing of iconic radio presenter Ameen Sayani, whose legendary program, ‘Binaca Geetmala’ influenced generations of listeners, was known for his soothing voice, which proved to be a balm, binding together a newly independent nation, which was still reeling from post-partition horrors. His iconic opening lines, “Behnon aur Bhaiyon,” transcended all barriers, as listeners keenly awaited his introductions to Hindi film melodies, in a style that no one else could or would ever be able to emulate… leaving us with an enduring legacy, celebrating the golden era of radio.

Our very own legal stalwart – Fali Nariman, was part of the first generation of India’s post-Independence law practitioners, setting both – high standards and the perfect precedent, for the nation’s new crop of legal professionals. He passionately protected the very basis of democracy by fiercely advocating the independence of the judiciary. Few will be able to compare to his contributions to the evolution of Indian Law. Celebrated for his uncompromising integrity, steadfast commitment to constitutional principle, and an unparalleled legacy, the passing of Fali Nariman marks the end of an era.

Best summed up in the words of Solicitor General, Tushar Mehta, “Not only the legal fraternity, but the nation has lost a towering figure of intellect and wisdom. The country has lost the epitome of what righteousness stood for… The legal fraternity is intellectually poorer today. Such intellectual giants do not die. They remain immortal through their contribution. There cannot be and will not be another Fali Nariman.”

Even as we mourn the loss of these irreplaceable legends and celebrate their unparalleled legacies, we pray for their souls to forever rest in peace.

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