Swimming Champ Jasmine Bilimoria Strikes Gold

Mumbai-based Jasmine Bilimoria scored two gold medals at the 50th Bombay YMCA Annual Inter Club Swimming Gala, 2024, which was held on 5th February, 2024. Representing the YMCA Club, Jasmine hit the top spot in the Women’s 50 metres Breast Stroke in 1.07 minutes and in the Free Style in 1.09 minutes, in the 40-49 age group category.

A professional in the Administrative field, and a mum of two, Jasmine ensures she make time to keep fit and healthy through CrossFit, brisk long walks, yoga and swimming. Passionate about swimming, Jasmine has won many competitions through her academic life, as also Guides competitions.

Speaking to PT she shares, “Any change we bring into our lives requires hard work and time. Always keep mind over matter – use willpower to overcome physical challenges. My parents, my husband and my sons are my biggest supporters and critics. I would suggest that everyone should eat clean and healthy and take some ‘me time’ for daily exercises – minimum an hour to ensure overall good health as we age.” Jasmine looks to getting professionally trained to swim even faster and perform better for her future wins! We wish her all the best!

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