Update On Contractor Baug Siblings Rescued By WAPIZ

In keeping with the overwhelming response received to PT’s coverage of WAPIZ rescuing the Contractor Baug siblings – Gershasp and Mitra, from their dishevelled and unhygienic conditions, the following is the update.

Under the ‘Helping Hands for Seniors’ project by WAPIZ, which caters to the rescue and wellbeing of needy and senior citizens of the community, the brother-sister duo – Gershasp and Mitra – were provided the much-needed life-saving rescue and assistance in terms of medical aid, hygiene, accommodation at Parukh Dharamshala for Mitra and a free tiffin service from 2nd February, 2024, for Gershasp.

However, when WAPIZ was informed by the dabbawala (food delivery) that Gershasp was not accepting the tiffin since the past five days, they visited him to ensure he was doing alright. They were shocked to discover that his face seemed majorly swollen, with one eye unable to even open. Even his behaviour was in complete contradiction to a fortnight ago, when he expressed gratitude to WAPIZ for cleaning up his home infested with insects and completely hoarded and dusty since decades. He had requested for a new kusti, spoken about his life and family, shared tea and snacks with the WAPIZ team, outside his home at the end of the cleaning session, and looked forward to their return to help with other tasks.

But now, he was simply refusing to even let them help or allow them in, constantly saying, “Tame loko fasee jaso,” (meaning ‘you all will get in trouble’), displaying a strong threat perception. He refused any assistance based on his fear. With all this also posted and going viral on social media, community members sought immediate action. Receiving many such calls, also from Arzan Ghadially (Community Activist), Nauzer Bharucha (Assistant Editor, Times of India), Cyrus and Yezdan Irani (from the Iranian Zoroastrian Anjuman), Anahita Desai along with Arzan Ghadially, Cyrus and Yezdan Irani and Karryesh Patel reached Gershasp’s home.

After knocking at the door for an hour and receiving no response, despite being able to see him through the window on the ground floor – lying on his bed but not moving, a collective decision was taken to call the police. The police entered the house to find Gershasp in very poor health and he was rushed to Parsi General Hospital in an ambulance, where he was instantly administered free treatment.

Gershasp’s sister Mitra, who was shifted to Parukh Dharamshala, has been diagnosed with diabetes and negative ECG and 2D Echo reports. She has been advised immediate hospitalization by Dr. Icchaporia. Both siblings are currently recovering at the Parsi General hospital. We wish them a speedy recovery.

Team WAPIZ truly deserves praise and respect for their continued commitment to community service and for genuinely caring for and catering to the needs of underprivileged community members. As always, PT will continue providing relevant updates on the matter.

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