Ava Yazad Parab At Thana Patell Agiary

This year, 22nd March had double significance, as it marked the auspicious Ava Ardvisur Banu nu Parad and the World Water Day coinciding on the same day. Incidentally, both these occasions have always stressed on the importance of fresh water and its conservation. The Parsis of Thane decorated the holy well at the Patell Agiary compound with floral tributes, and went on attend the Jashan. 2024 marked the 18th consecutive year of commemorating this day with a Jashan and Humbandagi at the holy well of the Thana Patell Agiary, an initiative undertaken by the late Kersi Daruwalla.

The well-attended Jashan commenced at 5:00 pm at the Agairy, and was followed by the Humbandagi at the Holy well, led by Er. Kersi Sidhwa. Chasni and snacks including Dal Ni Pori and soft drinks were then distributed to all present. The Parsis thanked each other for contributing to this day and Farida Daruwalla thanked all for paying their respects to her late husband Kersi by continuing his yearly initiative and providing the Thana Parsis another opportunity to come together each year and celebrate this auspicious day.

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