Karachi’s BVS School Celebrates Jamshedi Navroze

Continuing the tradition of setting the Haft-seen table at the Bai Virbaiji Soparivala Parsi High School, the Zoroastrian staff and students welcomed the ‘year of the blue whale’, on 20th March, 2024, with a lavish table arrangement of Navroze’s seven symbolisms as also other items celebrating Spring and Ahura Mazda’s gift to us.

The occasion was also graced by Jose Antonio de Ory – Ambassador of Spain, alongside Spenta Kandawalla and her daughter. Ambassador Jose exhibited a keen interest in each of the items displayed on the table, especially the Holy Khordeh Avesta, even as he savored the traditional delicacies laid out before getting a tour of the glorious 165-year-old academic institution. Nowruz Pirooz to all!

[Courtesy: Perveen Pohwala]

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