Look No further: The Five Elements Lie Within You

Kashmira Shaw Raj is a professional Taichi and Qigong practitioner and teacher, commanding nearly two decades of successful practice. She is also a clinical psychologist, psychic and healer as well as the co-Founder of ‘The Tai-Qi Touch’, which offers classes for adults and children. For details, Email: kash.shaw@gmail.com

Gazing at the sea after a long and tiring day feels good, doesn’t it? As does the warmth of sunlight in your bones, after a long convalescence. Or relaxing under a tree at the end of a hectic week. We do these things naturally, without thought, connecting with the five elements in the world around us. But it goes beyond that.

What Are Five Elements?

As per Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the universe and all of us are composed of a combination of five elements – Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.  The cycle flows from Wood to Fire to Earth, Metal, Water and back. Whenever there is an excess or deficiency of one or more of the elements, imbalance arises in the body, leading to various issues, at an emotional and physical level. Unknowingly, we try and harmonise our inner five elements with the outer.

Here is an interesting understanding of how the two worlds overlap with regard to these five elements in our life:

As per TCM, the Liver stores Wood Energy. During prayers, sandalwood is offered in fire-temples. The energy that surrounds you as it burns touches you deep inside, making you feel purified.

The Heart is said to store Fire Energy. We worship Fire and pray to it with fervour and respect. We feel so good standing there and connecting to its brilliant, golden flames. It touches our hearts.

Earth Energy is stored in the Stomach and Spleen. Fire temples have beautiful gardens with earthy soil – where the grounding in our emotional, physical and spiritual lives happen.

The Lungs store Metal Energy. During ceremonial prayers and in everyday cooking, the utensils used connect you to the Metal element. The softer you are, the more you can adapt and breathe in all that is good.

As per TCM, our Kidneys store Water Energy. We also pray to the Water element and offer flowers, milk, sugar, coconuts and more, to well-water, rivers or the sea. Most prayers and ceremonies require water. This allows us to flow smoothly and relentlessly through the events and emotions faced in our lives.

It is important to try and maintain a balance of all five elements in your body. The energy that may be depleted within, can be found by connecting to the five element energies in nature. It does not matter what is deficient or in excess within you. Connect everyday and see the change in your lives, at emotional and physical levels. When there are major illnesses that need more care and attention, then other exercises are also done which help in bringing about harmony in the body. But a harmonious connection and balance helps prevent ill-health for the most part.

Enhance Your Connection With The Five Elements:

  1. Sit by yourself at home or at work and just touch any piece of wood. The cruder the better. Or else just place your hands on any furniture and feel the feeling of the wood below your fingers. With intent and belief, say the affirmation (softly or in your mind): “Let the Wood Energy in the Universe balance and harmonise the Wood Energy in my body.”
  2. Feel the sun every day on your face and feel it going within you, even if only for a few minutes. With intent and belief, say the affirmation: “I let the warm and gentle Fire element in the Universe balance and harmonize the Fire Energy in me.”
  3. Visit a garden and place your palms on the soil, feeling the texture, fragrance of the mud. With intent and belief, say the affirmation: “Let the Earth Energy in the Universe balance and harmonise the Earth Energy in my body.”
  4. In your kitchen, touch any metallic utensil. Gently hold it, becoming conscious of the feel of the metal on your palms and fingers. With intent and belief, say the affirmation: “Let the Metal energy in the Universe balance and harmonize the Metal Energy in my body.”
  5. Hold a glass of water or place your hands under a gently running tap and feel the water energy flow over your hands. With intent and belief, say the affirmation: “Let the Water energy of the Universe balance and harmonize the Water Energy in my body”.

Try to be still from within when you do these affirmations. Each affirmation can be repeated thrice. This exercise done daily will yield wonderful results.

A healthy balance of energy keeps your internal organs healthy. We often search for answers outside when these lie within. We just need to connect with our inner selves and nature. Networks come and go, electronic gadgets keep changing, signals fluctuate and new technology floods the market. But something as beautiful and special as the five elements, is an integral part of you. The 5 elements make each one a unique puzzle piece in the entire gamut of the universe. There is nothing manmade that can remotely take its place.

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