Navroz Celebrations At JJ Hospital’s Parsi Ward

For over thirty-five years now, Arnavaz Jal Mistry, one of the community’s foremost stalwarts known for dedicating her life to community service, has been ensuring that our less privileged brethren residing at J J Hospital’s Parsi Ward get to celebrate all the auspicious occasions. Continuing that noble tradition, Navroze was celebrated amidst much merriment and smiles on 21st March, 2024, at the Parsi Ward, where all facilities like food, medicines, clothing, toiletries, etc are provided free to the poorest of the poor, and where cleanliness and camaraderie between the residents is maintained.

This year too, Jamshedi Navroz was commemorated with twinkling lights, flowers and chalk decorations, starting with a Jashan ceremony which also included remembrance of departed souls, a Tandorosti for present residents and a humbandagi recited by nearly 80 attendees including the residents who were dressed in the new clothes and trinkets provided, keeping the flame of Parsipanu alive.

Arnavaz Mistry and her daughter Yassmin Mistry came in early to spend time with the residents. The occasion was also graced by Khojeste Mistry, Anahita Desai, Hoshang Jal, as also Dean of JJ Hospital – Dr. Supriya Pallavi, Dr. Sanjay Surase – Superintendent, Dr. Gustad Davar – ex-Dean, Dr. Rekha Davar – former head of the Gynec Dept. and Head Sister Sunita of the Parsi Ward, alongside nurses and staff.

In her address, Dr. Supriya Pallavi spoke commended the dedicated services provided and informed about the increase in doctor visits in the ward. Khojeste Mistry then explained the significance of Navroze, followed by Anahita Desai and Hoshang Jal showering praise on Arnavaz for her dedicated efforts of taking in the homeless and treating them with love and dignity. Yassmin spoke about the indispensability of the Ward and her mother’s continuous efforts to provide succour for the aged at the ward, which received great applause by the grateful residents. All volunteers and donors were also thanked for their support.

Arnavaz Mistry spoke passionately about her twice-a-week visit to personally be with the Ward’s 45 residents, to ensure they were adequately provided with all the necessities, including physiotherapy and counselling. Her aim was to sustain it as a home-away-from-home for the patients, who are treated with love. She spoke of the activities carried out to keep them physically and mentally active, like musical programmes, indoor activities etc. The room echoed with applause as she shared her inspiring journey, sharing her dream of providing every homeless and lonely senior citizen shelter and love.

The event concluded with falooda and snacks, and a vote of thanks by the audience who dedicated a speech to Arnavaz Mistry, sharing their personal experiences.

For over three and a half decades, Arnavaz Mistry has tirelessly served at this institution, which is maintained and supervised by her from the J J Charities, the Trust of her late husband – Jal M. Mistry Memorial Foundation, and from donors and charitable institutions.

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