Adar Mahino, Adar Roj Mubarak!

Dear Readers,

Today – Adar Mahino, Adar Roj – marks one of the most auspicious days of all in the Parsi calendar, being the birth anniversary of our most holy fire, or Atash-nu-Parab. Adar Mahino is looked upon as the most propitious month, signifying the birth-month of the very core element of Zoroastrian religion and worship – Fire, with ‘Adar’, the Divinity presiding over the holy Fire.

This month celebrates the anniversaries or salgrehs of numerous Agiaries, Atash Behrams and Adarans. All through Adar Mah, numerous Jashans, Machis and other religious ceremonies and prayers are performed at our places of worship and our homes, inviting positive energies to replenish our thoughts, words and deeds, so that we may stay faithful to the path laid down by Zarathushtra’s teachings.

To see our resplendent places of worship all lit up and decorated, with a good number of humdins paying their respects, is indeed a pleasing sight. The experience of standing by our consecrated fires, soaking in the peace, with gratitude in our hearts and our powerful prayers on our lips, praying together as a family and a community – that is the real tribute to our places of worship and to our Holy Fire. And that is when we emerge with renewed energies, cleansed of all negativities.

Fundamental also to Zarathushtra’s teachings and philosophy, is extending loving care and friendship to all animals, especially those who need our help. He believed our animal friends were sacred and thus, propagated a solid stand against the ill-treatment of animals… defining ‘evil’ as, “wilful blindness in matters of the spirit/mind, and not offering protection to the creatures.”

The scorching summer heat makes it nearly unbearable for our community animals that live off the street as also our winged friends. In the true and intended spirit of Zoroastrianism, let us do our bit for His creations, who could succumb to the unforgiving heat of the sun. Please keep small bowls of water on your balconies or window sills for thirsty birds, and ensure the availability of water (and if possible, food) for our street animals who have nowhere to go. Let’s do all we can to provide relief from the sweltering inconveniences that community animals have to choicelessly endure through the summer. That way, we would have lived up to being dutiful Zoroastrians, and more so, good humans.

Have a lovely weekend!

– Anahita



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