The Real Beauty Secret

Every person is beautiful in his or her own way. Each one of us is unique – we are like no other person. There’s no ugly person because, as the saying goes, ‘Beauty is as beauty does’.

Try to keep your soul young and beautiful right up to the end… right up to the brink of death. Imagine that life is just beginning. Remember, every morning as you wake up, that ‘this is the first day of the rest of my life’, and live that day to the fullest that you can! Every single day of your life, keep adding to your talent, your affection and your inner happiness by having a purpose for that day and the purpose should be to BE happy and make others happy.

Unless you are happy, how will you make others happy? Remember, a happy person never hurts another. By being happy, you’ll receive more happiness because the Universe is like a huge mirror and whatever energy you throw out, returns to you like a boomerang. Hence, being happy will be manifested by the Universe by sending you positive people and happy circumstances in your life! You’ll actually attract these without any effort. A happy person is a beautiful person.

After a certain age, beauty comes only from a loving heart. It is said that in order to be loved, you have to be lovable. It follows then, that in order to look beautiful, you have to be happy and spread happiness around you. Such people don’t age. They retain their youthful characteristics and become more beautiful everyday, their face shines and their smile is infectious.

Some people get plastic-surgery done in their 60s and 70s, but don’t end up looking any younger – this is not about judging them. I truly believe it’s better to get ‘work done’ on your joy, ‘botox’ your curiosity and get ‘fillers’ done on your humour!!

The most beautiful woman in a room is not the youngest, nor the one with the perfect make-up, or the best dressed. It’s always the woman with a smile on her face and a kind word for everyone. It’s the woman who feels comfortable in her own skin and radiates love, joy and laughter – no plastic-surgery can do this for anyone!

Wrinkles may show on your face, but lack of enthusiasm wrinkles your soul. You can decide how your wrinkles will develop. Will there be laugh lines or frowns? Wide-eyed optimism or suspicious squints? You can develop a more loving face every day by meeting various people and sharing love and thoughts with them… or you can look like an aging person by isolating yourself from others, staying indoors and leading a lonely life.

If you’re still beautiful when you are older, it’s not a free gift. It’s because your face shows qualities that are timeless – love, joy, wisdom, enthusiasm, strength, kindness, dedication, intelligence, compassion and above all, a great sense of humour. Each and every time we laugh with our friends, we are giving what I call, ‘an internal facial’ to our face -muscles. Of course, we all have our problems, set-backs and tragedies but try to be happy despite external circumstances by indulging in nonsensical humour because a little bit of nonsense once in a way, makes a lot of sense in life!

Believe in the positive, not negative. Find ways to show, by your eagerness, vitality and enthusiasm that you enjoy life, right until your ripe old age. This is the only real ‘Beauty Secret’ I’ve discovered in life!

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