Walk Away!

Sometimes you just need to walk away. Walk away from those selfish, self-engrossed individuals whose toxicity drains your aura. Walk away from people who do not consider your needs, wants or well-being. Walk away from individuals whose beliefs and opinions do not align with yours. Walk away not to teach them a lesson, but because you have learned yours.

How many more chances are you willing to give? How many more times are you willing to be disrespected? How much more are you willing feel unappreciated, manipulated and undervalued? They have repeatedly undermined your worth and neglected your needs. You told them possibly how much it hurts, but it didn’t matter. It hurts, doesn’t it? You’re a human being and you have value. More than they can see or ever consider.

It’s not about punishing them. It’s about valuing yourself enough, to say “Enough!” Walking away is an act of self-respect. Sometimes the lesson is knowing when to put yourself first and safeguarding your wellbeing. Walk away not to teach them a lesson but because you have learned yours.

In life, love and relationships we live, we learn, we grow. Not all relationships survive love. You may love them but not like them. You may like them but not respect them. You may love someone and not trust them because they’ve mostly only disappointed you over time. Trust, love and respect go hand in hand. So, if you get one and not the other, the relationship is already on shaky ground. You deserve better and you need to have better.

Sometimes, people can’t reciprocate because they can’t give you what they can’t give themselves. Remember, someone who’s at war with themselves, can’t give you peace. Someone who lies to themselves can’t give you honesty. Someone who betrays themselves can’t give you loyalty. Start seeing people for who they are, not who you wish they could be. Often, a narcissist wants to convince you that it’s not them. Narcissists lack the ability to self-reflect. They cannot see anything wrong with what they do, and they only see fault in your reaction. They believe every argument is caused by you because to them there was no problem with their actions until you reacted to them. They absolutely believe you are the problem and they are the victim. It’s really mind-blowing!

Walking away and closing the chapter on any relationship isn’t a failure. Sometimes it’s the bravest thing you can do for yourself. You cannot keep holding on to someone who keeps letting go. Sometimes walking away from all that toxicity has nothing to do with weakness and everything to do with strength. We walk away not because we want others to realize our worth and value, but because we finally realize our own. Respect yourself enough to say that you deserve the peace and walk away from people or things that prevent you from attaining it.

There is a difference between giving up and knowing you’ve had enough. Silence is sometimes a better answer to those who don’t value your words. Even the nicest of people have their limits and get fed up of being taken totally for granted. There is a time to be a nice person and a time to not. Truth is, people will only take advantage of folks who are nice, the more crap you put up with, the more you get! What you allow, will continue. So don’t accept things you are not good with.

The important thing in any relationship is, if they valued you enough, they wouldn’t put themselves in the position where they could lose you. Do not take good people for granted. If you push them to breaking point, they will not hesitate to walk out of your life, and that’s a regret you’ll never forget.

The interesting thing about attachment is you have them, but it is never about them. It’s actually about you. You get to confront the locks within yourself because no one is so important that you can’t move on in your life. It is showing you the ways in which you lack love for yourself, confidence within you and contentment within your life. It is revealing all the things that that you need on your own and that is lacking or lost somewhere on this journey you took.

In any relationship, if you feel undervalued, unloved and unworthy, walking away is simply about learning to let go of things that were not meant for you. Knowing when to walk away is wisdom, being able to walk away takes strength. Walk away, even if they are family, walk away even if they were the most important people in your life, just walk away. At the end of the road, believe you are special and deserving of the best life can offer you. Learn to love the sound of your feet walking away from things that were just not meant for you.

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