XYZ’s Jamshed’s Giants Help Ground-Workers ‘Beat The Heat’!

In the scorching summer heat, XYZ’s group – ‘Jamshed’s Giants’ (JG) from Byculla, took to the streets to execute their ‘Beat The Heat’ mission – aimed at showing gratitude to ground-workers, who toil tirelessly under the blazing sun, by giving them refreshing home-made beverages.

Much planning went into this activity as volunteers, with the support of parents, carefully mapped out areas where construction was underway, ensuring to cover as much ground as possible. Each child was tasked with preparing at least ten 250 ml bottles of a refreshing drink.

On 6th April, 2024, the valiant JG members headed out, with parents overseeing different groups, to show their appreciation by providing cooling relief to workers at construction sites, metro projects, even reaching out to police and traffic police. Over 300 bottles of icy goodness were handed out to grateful construction workers, who welcomed the sweet relief with smiles. At every traffic signal, the children also gave heartfelt shout outs to the traffic police, expressing their thanks for keeping our roads safe.

A job well done was celebrated with a well-deserved treat of ice-cream at McDonald’s – relished by the members of JG, even as they grew a deeper sense of respect about the hardships that ground workers undergo.

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