Parsi Gate Restoration Commences

In keeping with the concerns regarding the delay in the restoration of the ‘Parsi Gate’, located on Mumbai’s Marine Drive sea-face, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has shared that the restoration work has commenced on this sacred site. The sacred structure had been dismantled for the ongoing construction of the Mumbai Coastal Road project.

As per news reports, engineer of the Coastal Road project – Vijay Zore, shared that the new site will be 75 metres to the north (towards the Worli end of the Coastal Road) of the old location. The columns will be installed once the ongoing laying of steps, parapet, and balustrade is done. The site was moved because the canopy built on the road would have obstructed views of the columns from across the road. He added that the new site was approved by community members.

Comprising two elaborately carved, 5-meter-high stone columns, the Parsi Gate, built in the early 20th century by community philanthropists, was dismantled in April, 2021, resulting in an uproar in the community, as this sacred site was frequented by community members for various religious rituals associated with Ava – the water divinity.

While the columns of the ‘Parsi Gate’ are not listed as heritage monuments, the Marine Drive precinct is a protected area, and the new site of the columns has received the approval of the Mumbai Heritage Conservation Committee (MHCC). While May end is marked as the tentative date for the completion of the restoration, it may take more time, as per BMC.

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