Yassmin Mistry Awarded ‘ZONTA International Woman of the Year 2024’

In a splendid celebration of empowerment and service, Yassmin Mistry was awarded ‘Woman of the Year 2024’ by the esteemed ZONTA Club, Mumbai, in a glittering event, held on 27th April, 2024, at the West End Hotel. The function marked the 65th Charter Night of ZCB I and the 45th Charter Night of ZCB III, adorned with the presentation of awards that honored individuals dedicated to advancing the cause of women and girls.

ZCB I President, Ztn Daisee Boga, set the tone for the evening with a warm welcome, emphasizing the importance of recognizing the contributions of past Zontians while looking ahead to future endeavors for the betterment of women and girls. The Guest of Honor, Zonta District 25 Governor Ztn Shreejana Rana, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the global enthusiasm among Zontians from 65 countries, to provide opportunities for women and girls, with men joining in support of critical initiatives like ‘Zonta Says Now – Action For Climate Change With Gender Equality’ and ‘Zonta Says No To Violence’.

Amidst the jubilation, Yassmin Mistry stood out as a beacon of inspiration, receiving the prestigious ‘Woman of the Year Award 2024’ from ZCB II for her outstanding achievements as a businesswoman and social entrepreneur. Her remarkable entrepreneurship in the realm of social service has left an indelible mark, embodying the spirit of Zonta’s mission to advance the rights and well-being of women worldwide.

The evening also saw the presentation of special recognition awards to individuals like Asha Sawant and ACP Shobha Pise, alongside encouragement awards to Ansuja Madival, Priyanka Thakkar, and Reshma Gurve, each symbolizing resilience and dedication to making a difference in their communities.

Yassmin Mistry’s recognition as the Woman of the Year, by Zonta International, serves as a testament to her exemplary contributions and unwavering dedication. Her tireless efforts in advancing women’s rights and fostering equality resonate deeply with Zonta’s core values of loyalty, trustworthiness, and social service.

As the recipient of this esteemed accolade, Yassmin Mistry epitomizes the spirit of empowerment and progress, inspiring others to join the noble cause of advancing women’s rights and equality worldwide. Her legacy will continue to shine brightly, illuminating the path towards a future where every woman and girl can thrive and flourish!

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