100th Birthday Celebrations At WZOTF’s Senior Citizens Centre

Completing a glorious centenary is surely grounds for much festivity, and that’s exactly how the residents, staff and Trustees of WZO Trust Funds Senior Citizens Centre at Navsari, celebrated the 100th birthday of their petite and lovely resident, fondly called, ‘Perin aunty’, on 1st June, 2024.

Commemorating this rare and auspicious milestone, Perin Bhiwandiwalla came to reside at Navsari’s Senior Citizens Centre, fifteen years ago, on 1st June, 2009, where she continues to spend her time in good health and cheer. Earlier in life, she worked as a nurse at the J J Hospital, Wadia Hospital and St. George Hospital, in Mumbai.

Here’s wishing dear Perin aunty a very happy 100th birthday, on behalf of the community! May she continue to enjoy good health and happiness as she has, over the last fifteen years! And kudos to WZO Trust Funds’ Senior Citizens Centre for providing a warm and nurturing environment, and a quality life with dignity, for our community’s seniors in their twilight years.

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