Book Review: ‘Wadia’

A heartwarming, touching and funny novel, ‘Wadia’, by Mumbai-based author and columnist (The Telegraph, Calcutta) Rohit Trilokekar, tells the tale of the septuagenarian Rustom Wadia, who lives by himself in a sprawling bungalow in Bandra’s Perry Cross Road. His life seems to be drifting after the loss of his beloved pets – Polly and Fluffy and he starts delving into existential questions, even as he finds himself wailing like an infant, whilst listening to Beethoven’s Fur Elise in his study – a nightly routine.

Soon, he takes off for Udvada in an attempt to ‘find his roots’, accompanied by his zany best friend Anil Velkar, and a young restaurateur named Toral Shah, where he unveils a shocking discovery, which could forever alter the course of his destiny. ‘Wadia’ is a tale of love, loss and hope, served with a side of mystery – filled to the brim with flavours of Parsiness! This 234-paged book is available on Amazon for Rs. 931/-

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