Dini Travel’s Iran Tour – A Journey to Our Roots

Diniar Darab Mehta, owner of Dini Travels, as also President of Minority (Parsi) Cell and VP of the BJP, Colaba Vidhan Sabha, conducted an Iran Tour for Indian Parsis from 13th – 27th May, 2024. Despite the potential dangers, Diniar and all the tourists/pilgrims were assured safety and regular updates, thanks to assurances from Moshin Ashouri – EAM, Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, Govt. of Iran and Mohammad Reza Fazel – Director General, Cultural House of The Islamic Republic of Iran.

The group reached Tehran on the morning of 13th May and breezed through Immigration at the airport, with no visa required at the airport for Indian citizens. Moshin Ashouri personally met with the group, providing further assurances of safety and support. The group then visited Bhikha Behram Agiary and Shah Behram Yazad Shrine. On the way to Damavand next day, they visited the Rustom Baug Agiary from where the Iranian Mobed performing the Jashan at Mt. Damavand, also joined them. Dini Travels Iran Tour thus provided the blissful opportunity to pilgrims to witness an authentic Iranian Jashan performed by the Mobed exercising all our original Iranian tarikats (methods).

After sight-seeing in Tehran, next on the list was Shiraz, where the group were mesmerized taking in the majestic views of ‘Takht-e-Jamshid’, Persepolis, All Nations Gate, the Entrance Hall, 100 columns hall, Apadana palace. The next day left them in even greater awe as they visited Shiraz Agiary, the Tomb of Cyrus (Passargard), the famous 4,500 years old Cyprus Tree (Abarkoh).

Yazd was once of the highlights of the trip, where the group got to experience the magic of Cham, Zainabad, Flying Fires, Yazd Atashbahram, Pir-e-Sabz, Isfahan Agiary, Hamedan, Kermanshah and the globally renowned Ali Sadr Caves. And thus, within the period of a fortnight, thanks to the excellent dedication and flawless itinerary of Dini Tours, the travelers and pilgrims were able to indulge in the real taste of Iran. Some of the other experiences included traveling via Iranian Railways to explore Iran’s gorgeous country side in 5-star, air-conditioned train journeys (an opportunity provided solely by Dini Tours); riding the Open Cable Car to take in the paradise view of Iran, visiting the Tomb of Ferdowsi Tusi (great author of the ShahNaameh); Kashan – the city known for its incomparable Rose Water; and Mashad known for producing the world’s best saffron (kesar).

“We conduct these tours so that our community in India gets to visit our original mother land and reconnect with our roots, and to once again live the glory and grandeur of Iran. Dini Tours always ensures to always place our customer’s needs and conveniences first and to provide them an experience of a lifetime and memories that they will cherish for eternity. We would like to extend thanks to our most helpful Iranian top bureaucrats and brothers for their support – Mr. Mohshin Ashouri (MEA), Mr. Mohmammad Reza Fazal, Mr. Ali Mansoori, and our Iranian Guide – Mr. Fareydoon Kermanian,” shared Diniar Mehta.

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