We thank all our participants for the overwhelming response to our FATHER’S DAY 2024 Contest. We received fabulous poetries and pics which displayed great talent and enthusiasm! Heartiest Congratulations to our following Top 5 Winners!

Winning Entry: THAT’S MY FATHER

By Freyan S. Wadia

He forgets where he put the car keys.

He sincerely believes duct tape can fix anything!

There’s no such thing as

…Too much chicken,

…Too few vegetables,

…Or too many eggs.

That’s my father.

Some days my back hurts

Others, it’s my heart.

But he,

Like the ground beneath my feet,

Never wavers.

That’s my father.

He helped me walk,

Taught me to swim,

Carried me when

I couldn’t do either.

No matter how much I’ve grown

Or how far I’m from home,

When I look in the mirror,

I see a piece of him..

Especially when I smile.

That’s my father.

Winning Entry: MY DADDY BESTEST!

By Sanaea Chichgar

I’m so proud you’re my dad,

You’re one in a million, pop!

When it comes to the finest fathers,

You’re the absolute cream of the crop!

You make me feel protected,

I’m sheltered in your care;

You’ve always been my true friend,

No matter what, you’re always there.

I’ve grown up with your values,

They’ve made me who I am today,

From the bottom of my heart, as words fail me,

‘THANK YOU, DAD’, is all I can say.

You have a place of honour

Deep within my heart,

You’ll always remain my ‘SUPERHERO’,

Till my life from me departs.

 Winning Entry: THANK YOU, DAD!

By Burjis, Sohrab and Hormazd Godrej

 Today we’re so very glad

To celebrate our most wonderful dad,

And thank him for all he’s done,

Through teaching, guiding and having fun.

A regular presence at school plays,

Sports meets, college visits, and open days,

Dad’s always caring, considerate and kind,

With selfless heart and a noble mind.

Generous with his time and money,

Dad’s super jovial and funny!

His humor always lightens the mood,

We always laugh with joy renewed.

Dad’s a true renaissance man,

With knowledge that has range and span;

And when he speaks, he takes his time

To put his thoughts into rhyme.

Let’s say thanks to our dear father,

Who teaches us so much every day;

There is no man that we would rather

Have to guide us and lead the way!

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