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Dear Readers,

In just a couple of days we would have crossed over to the second half of the year! Yup – half of 2024 is nearly done! Time does seem to fly fast. While some of us lament disappointedly at how soon it’s just slipped by, there’s those of us who can’t wait for this year to get over. Whether you’re on this side of the fence or that, all you really have is ‘now’. If you want to see a real or greater positive change in the next half of the year, seize your ‘now’ and make it work for you.

As a community, we’ve been largely indifferent to our trajectory. We seem only too content resting on past laurels and basking in the past glory of our visionary ancestors. We’ve been turning a blind eye to a potentially endangered future… there is no better time than now to take stock, consolidate our resources and once again, come out on top. This may call for a few tough decisions, where we may sometimes need to put the collective good of the community above our individual preferences.

Needless to mention, some of the major concerns we need to address and resolve include our dwindling population and guarding our community against imminent extinction, resolving the issue of scarcity of Mobeds, rekindling the entrepreneurial fire in our bellies and also igniting a sense of genuine interest in community engagement and community affairs and welfare. It is as much our duty, as that of our community leaders – chosen or otherwise, to work towards this goal. And this collective effort needs to start with greater gusto, now!

Have a good weekend!

– Anahita

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