Much To Be Proud Of!

Dear Readers,

There’s a lot being said about how our youth could do so much better, but today’s issue of your favourite news weekly, truly breathes much hope and pride for the community, assuaging a lot of concerns we hold vis-à-vis our young ones getting ready to step into adulthood.

An issue we hold closest to our hearts is the preservation and continuation of our glorious religion, which has come into question, in keeping with the crisis of a lack of Mobeds (priests) to tend to our Agiaries and perform various religious ceremonies, especially the more advanced sacraments. PT is delighted to share that there has been a slow but steady stream of young, dedicated boys completing their priesthood initiations, as Navars and Martabs, and who are keen to dedicate their services to our religious fires and our community.

On our end, as a community, we need to do more than appreciate and congratulate them and their families on this noble attainment. We ought to value and perceive the profession of priesthood in a more wholesome light, which makes our priests feel appreciated in every way. An increase in footfalls at our places of worship would also go a long way in showing our encouragement and gratitude.

We are also thrilled to celebrate the academic success of our Parsi bright-sparks, who have displayed various levels of excellence in their Board exams, in our weekly ‘Parsi Pride Brigade’ feature, which raises a toast to the results of all their hard work (and that of their parents and tutors!!). To achieve these milestones, amidst such crazy levels of competitiveness and their hectic, packed schedules, is truly brilliant, and PT is, as always, committed to celebrating the scholastic accomplishments of our tenacious and talented teens.

But, there’s more… our community is blessed with children who excel in every field! In this issue itself, we bring you the amazing victories of our young dynamos winning the Regatta, or racing to triumphs in Indikarting or then, shining at the International Space Olympiads and quite literally reaching for the stars at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center! Our youngsters indeed give us much to be proud of!!

Read all this and much more in today’s issue… and don’t hold back on the Kudos and Congratulations for all of our dynamic go-getters!

Have a lovely weekend!

– Anahita

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