Your Aura And You

Your aura or auric field vibrates and radiates all your emotions and feelings. Sometimes ‘Aura’, is a term loosely used to mean a glow or a vibe that one can pick up from a person. Science defines it as an electromagnetic field around you. Science has also managed to pick up colours that surround people, thus attributing what a person’s Aura can reveal about them. In fact, there are studies on aura which analyze various blocks that hold you back in different areas of life.

Your auric field is a complex cloak or shield of light that is connected to your being and presence – you need to take good care of it. Guarding your aura, is all about guarding your energies. This electromagnetic field is usually balanced with the energies of the universe. Your aura vibrates with dual energies – the masculine and the feminine. It is believed that your brain and spinal cord are attached to it in the form of an electrical charging unit. This charging unit supplies electricity – with an outward movement and an inward movement – a sort of magnetism. This dual action sustains your Aura – good or bad, weak or strong – in accordance with your thoughts and emotions, which are the real ‘Lawgivers’ to the vibe you possess.

The way your aura feels, looks and radiates, matches with your thoughts and emotions. Your vibrations announce your presence to the world. If you are a genuinely good person, loving and magnanimous, your field is certain to be beautiful. If you are selfish and nasty, your aura vibrates a negative, selfish vibe. While your Aura speaks of the kind of individual you are, it’s important to remember that circumstances can also erode or feed on your energy too.

Sometimes, the visual is very different from reality. You may seem happy and calm but sometimes, people with the ‘coolest’ vibes possess the nastiest auras! The most self-centered and irresponsible individuals could emit the happiest vibe! But on the other side, there exists the equation of compassion and selflessness. Fulfilling your purpose, duties, responsibilities may tire you out, but it forges your spirit and strengthens your fire. The highest Masters like Yeshua Ben-Joseph (Jesus) had auras extending outwards, with empathy, love and sacrifice as their strong attributes. The greater your mastery, the greater and more beautiful your Aura.

The auric field is way beyond science and a textbook approach to really understand. People have written and characterized auric reading. Some say our Auras have seven layers. It’s a bit limiting to actually relegate auras to layers, and people to specific colours. Interpreting your Aura is understanding how we absorb light in the form of sacred geometries. Just as your gut microns determine your overall physical health, your Aura is all about the geometry and mathematical blocks and energies that thrive to make you a powerhouse of an electromagnetic field.

It’s your thoughts, words, actions and emotions that allow or disallow these geometries. We live in a world determined by our actions and thoughts. This universe works on the principles of sacred geometry, what you permit is what you allow, and what you prevent is what you can stop. What you give, how you love and care determines how our life can be made pure or dark. Our Love can be heavy or light. Our Auras are orderly, principled and deliberate.

Your Aura precedes you. Your auric field is an extension of your nervous system. If it’s muddied with heavy energies and densities, it compromises your intuition and you will not be able cannot sense danger afoot. Your aura is the first sample people get of you when they approach you. So, be mindful, as it’s a matter of respect for others how you present yourself. Auras that are clean and healthy radiate that ‘je ne sais quoi’ quality that can’t be described, but makes people love being in your presence and picking up that vibe that makes them and the world around you better.

Auras need to be strong and healthy, but most of all, resilient. You may be driven to the end of the world with worry, responsibilities and toxicity that may permeate your life. But people with a pure aura know how to handle it. They do not allow for leaks, tears and holes, that may spring in their auric fields. They patch, repair or just remove anything that can compromise their personal integrity. Keeping your spiritual temperature balanced by consistent, non-dogmatic, spiritual disciplines in your life, will certainly reflect in your auric space and repel all that isn’t of the Light.

So let your light shine bright, and live your best life lit by a powerful aura. Cause, as you know, vibes don’t lie!

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