Come September And The Theory of Diminishing Marginal Utility!

Come September, and one eagerly awaits the ‘lagan’ and ‘navjote’ season… looking droolingly forward to Patra-ni-machhi, chicken farcha, (or their other culinary avatars), a dollop of Bharuchi-akuri, and of course, the inevitable pulao-dar, alongside the other trimmings of a Lagan-nu-patru. Come February, and we are like – ‘OMG! Not again! Yet another invite and one […]

My Friend Arni

My friend of several decades, Arnavaz Rusi Tata, also known as the ‘Twinkle-toes Arni’ is a young lady of eighty years, or as the invitation to her 80th Birthday bash mentioned, ‘Arni is 18 with 62 years of experience!’ Arni confirms the adage that aging is a must for all, but growing old is a […]