Adarji Angrez!

During my long life, I’ve collected many friends with strange habits and weird outlooks… next level eccentrics! A fair number of them are plain, home-grown-garden variety of loonies, few atheists, a couple of agnostics, many religious fanatics, a handful of hypochondriacs, one narcissist, some faddists and, last but not the least, an Anglophile, better known within […]

A Little Bit Of This, Just A Dash Of That And What Have We?! Navroz Mubarak!!!

As we near 21st March, Ratimai tends to get mushy. “Darab, remember how we said ‘Pasand-e Kardim’ (the Parsi equivalent of ‘I do’) forty-three years ago, just on the very happy day of Jamshedji Navroz? “Harrumph!” reacted Darabsha. “Why the ‘harrumphing’? There is nothing to be grumpy about! ’Tis the season of plenty! Plenty of […]