Jashan, Humbandagi And Religious Lecture At Indawalla Agiary

Nestled amongst the bylanes of Dhobhi Talao lies the 176-year-old Avabai Ardeshir Kharshetji Wadia Agiary, commonly known as Indawalla Agiary. Despite having the hallowed Anjuman and Wadiaji Atashbehrams as its neighbours, Indawalla Agiary manages to attract its faithful band of devotees, especially on Daepadar Roj, when Er. Darayesh Katrak delivers his discourse, preceded by a […]

Film Review: Sab Kushal Mangal

Somewhere in Jharkhand, in a small town called Karnalganj, is a small-time politician-cum-goon (isn’t this species omnipresent in those areas?) Baba Bhandari (Akshaye Khanna), who’s perennially shadowed by two cronies and whose supplementary means of income is from kidnapping potential grooms for girls whose parents can’t afford the dowry, which runs into lakhs. The local […]