Mind Over Meat

n the pantheon of Zoroastrian divinities, Bahman Amshaspand ranks next to Ahura Mazda. Bahman is an Amshaspand or Amesha Spenta (variously translated as Bountiful Immortal or Arch Angel) and is doctrinally seen as the guardian of one of Ahura Mazda’s good creations, namely animals – particularly Goshpand like cow, goat, sheep, etc. It is for […]

Zarthosht No Deeso

– A Day To Rededicate Ourselves To Zarathushtra’s Message Of Spreading Happiness – Roj Khorshed of Mah Dae is observed as Zarthosht no Deeso – the day on which our beloved Prophet, Zarathushtra, passed away from this material world to the spiritual world. Zarathushtra’s era is shrouded in mystery. While Greek sources place his birth […]

Charitable And Religious Trusts To Revalidate Tax Exemption And Tax Deduction Registration

The Government of India seems adamant about putting charitable as also religious trusts and institutions through the exercise of revalidating their tax exemption and tax deduction registrations. The only relief provided is by way of extending the effective date from 1st June 2020 to 1st October 2020.  Press Note of Ministry of Finance On 9th […]