Behdin Homa Behdin Jamshed – The Patron Saint of Harassed Souls

The month of Dae is dedicated to the Supreme Divinity, Ahura Mazda. Throughout this holy month, devout Parsis perform thanks-giving Jasan offering gratitude to Ahura Mazda for His Bounties. It is considered particularly meritorious to perform Jasan on Roj Hormuzd, Daepadar, Daepmeher and Daepdin. During the month of Dae, the Maidhyarem Gambhar is observed from Roj Meher to Roj Behram. There are six Gambhar which in ancient times were observed as six great holidays, with each Gambhar […]

Jasan – A Ritual Act of Worship

During the month of Dae, Parsis perform Jasan ceremonies by way of thanks-giving at home, at their workplace as also at various community centers and places of worship. Colloquially or in ordinary conversation, Jasan means ‘rejoicing’ or an ‘assembly of rejoicing’. This is because the religious ceremony is usually followed by feasting and merriment among […]