From The Editor’s Desk

Let Go! Dear Readers, We are nature worshippers. We pray to the forces of nature and we learn from them. Being primarily fire-worshippers, our sanctum sanctorum holds fire or ‘Atash Padshah Saheb’ as we respectfully and lovingly beseech it. Fire teaches us purity, and thereby virtues like truth and goodness. And we venerate numerous water […]

BPP Connect

Dear Editor, Re: New Column BPP Connect. I suggest adopting a strategy similar to one adopted by the Government for giving up fuel subsidy. Also, address circulars to those paying for car-parking and request them to give up subsidized rent or at least a part, thereof. Ensure that you do not send circular to those who […]

Udta Parsi

26th June is observed as ‘International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking’. Even as the controversy-ridden, superhit film, ‘Udta Punjab’ makes waves in India by exposing the ugly underbelly of the drug menace in Punjab, Parsi Times Editor and qualified psychotherapist, Anahita Subedar, shares an equally appalling reality within our community, that’s been growing […]


My Dear Readers, Over the past few months, I’ve had the privilege of meeting some of our community greats from various industries, the world over. Most of them are established entrepreneurs who’ve worked diligently towards making a mark in their respective fields. I’ve also had the joy of lunching with a few seniors who were […]