The Cluster Phenomenon

There is a ‘cluster-phenomenon’ in the study and research of re-incarnation which defies explanation. At infrequent periods in history, several geniuses appear at the same time. Usually they know each other. Their fame lasts through centuries. Then, a century or two later, another cluster of talented men dominate the scene, and like comets, they disappear […]

Meherbai’s Chai Pe Charcha

Two weeks ago Shirin Merchant wrote a beautiful article in Parsi Times called ‘15 Ways To Show Your Dog Your Love’. Meherbai got an ‘aha-moment’, an inspiration, a revelation, a Eureka and phoned her entire group of friends that the next ‘Chai pe Charcha’ will be on ‘A Few Ways To Show Your Husband Your […]


Ever since various tour operators like ‘Pent Up Tours’, ‘Cross And Queens’ and ‘Thomas Crook’ announced their individual tours to China, there was upheaval in the Bamboat household in Balaram Street. You see, their one and only spoilt brat, Dadiba, their 51-year-old Katcho-Kumaro-virgin-son wanted to take a tour to China. Mrs. Banoo Bamboat, better known […]