Gone But Not Forgotten

Film stars are larger than life and live life King-size. However imperfect their lives may be, they inspire awe, passion, frenzy and a huge fan-following during their lifespan. But in death, they zoom to iconic positions, thanks to their fans taking an added interest in their body of work. Radio-stations, TV, newspapers, magazines share lesser […]

Meherbai’s Mandli Discusses ‘How Did You Guys Meet?”

In these hard times, Meherbai’s Mandli met every evening to do elar pelar and gaam-ni-gossip. They also held Antakshri sessions when all the kagras hurriedly flew away hearing their besura voices! Once, they also had a Jokes’s Eve, when all the husbands flew away like the kagras  because all the wives cracked jokes on their husbands! The limit was reached when Koomi Kajwali said, “My […]

What On Earth!!

Everywhere in Nature, there is perfect unity and harmony. Only humans are destructive. We destroy various species of birds, animals, even entire forests. Today, there are hardly any one-horned rhinos left in Assam because they have been ruthlessly hunted down, in the belief that their horns have aphrodisiacal properties! The number of migratory birds in India […]

Coronavirus, Earthquakes And Tsunamis Are Nature’s ‘Tandav’

We know the physical causes that lead to earthquakes and tsunamis, but there are more subtle spiritual issues involved, based on the Karmic principle, that all right actions bring joy, while wrong actions bring grief. When wrong actions reach an extreme, it leads to massive destruction (pralaya) bringing about an en-masse settlement (group-karma) of human […]

Meherbai Returns From Her World Tour!

For Parsi Times readers who’ve been wondering where our Meherbai had disappeared to, from their favourite Parsi-newspaper, the mystery finally unfurls… but in the meanwhile… Abhan Aban thought that Meher aunty had applied too much vanishing cream and vanished! Sagan-No-Gathyo Sorab thought she had become Late i.e. gujri gaya and therefore the ‘Late Meherbai’! Hormusji Homeopath thought the […]