Is The Ever-Favourite ‘Eedu’ A Superfood? – Exploring The Hidden Nutritional Strength, Health Advantages of Eggs –

Among the many ongoing debates in the field of nutrition, the dispute regarding the health advantages of eggs has endured as one of the longest-standing and most contentious. On one side of the spectrum, there are claims that eggs are an unhealthy source of saturated fat, cholesterol, and inflammatory albumin. Conversely, proponents argue that eggs […]

Together Towards Better Nutrition: Promoting Healthy Eating Habits Through Community Unity

In an era marked by fast-paced lifestyles and convenience-driven food choices, the importance of maintaining a balanced and nutritious diet cannot be emphasized enough. The rising prevalence of diet-related health issues such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease, have prompted a global call for action to promote healthy eating habits. In this endeavour, the power […]

Comprehending Alzheimer’s Disease

Genetic Susceptibility, Symptoms, Strategies For Prevention     Alzheimer’s disease is a relentless and debilitating brain disorder affecting millions worldwide. As the leading cause of dementia, it presents a significant health challenge in ageing populations. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, about 5.3 million Indians are currently living with this condition, and the numbers continue to […]

Monsoon Maladies: Stomach Bug, Stomach Flu And Food Poisoning

Dr. Trishala Chopra is an alternative medicine specialist commanding a decade of success in managing Diabetes, Obesity, PCOD/PCOS, Metabolic Disorders, Gut-health and Sleep-disorders. As a Health Coach, Dr. Trishala empowers your body’s potential to heal itself through a balanced ‘Gut-Mind-Body’ approach to help you achieve your wellness goals. Heartiest Congratulations to Dr. Trishala Chopra for […]

The Intersection Of Zoroastrianism And Holistic Health

The intersection of Zoroastrianism and holistic health is an intriguing topic that deserves exploration. What brings both together is the common goal – to promote balance and harmony in all aspects of life. As the world’s most ancient monotheistic religion, Zoroastrianism emphasizes the importance of living in balance with nature and practicing good deeds. Holistic […]