Body Postures and You – III

Amongst the various factors responsible for Musculo-Skeleton Disorders (MSDs), the most common cause in our daily work life is ‘Repetitive Movements’. Repetitive movements are usually those actions that are repeated every few seconds for extended periods of time. They are often a concern when combined with awkward positions, high forces (speed) or significant amounts of […]

Body Postures And You – II

Continuing our exclusive four-part series on correcting body postures for pain-free health benefits, Parsi Times presents the second part with Physiotherapist Dr. Zahra Hussain, specialist in Orthopaedic and Sports Physiotherapy, and a certified therapist in Kinesiology Taping and Mulligan Therapy. Today we shall elaborate on one of the prime factors responsible for Musculo Skeleton Disorders […]

Body Postures And You – IV

Concluding our four part series that highlights the need for ‘Ergonomics’ to curb work related injuries and illnesses, Orthopaedic Specialist and Sports Physiotherapist- Dr. Zahra Hussain points out the importance of ‘Force’ and ‘Time’ and its implications in our routine office life. Undisciplined office related activities include working in awkward positions for hours without taking […]