Vada Dasturji Khurshed Dastoor Clarifies Incorrect News Coverage Re: ‘Parsi Priest’s Suggestion To Sell Agiary Is Opposed’

A news item up has been published in Hindustan Times of 16th January, 2019, under the heading, ‘Parsi Priest’s Suggestion To Sell Agiary Is Opposed.’ As is the practice, certain misguided elements, especially a father and son duo, have made it their business to create confusion and create acrimony and bitterness in the community by […]

Empowering Mobeds To Conduct Off-Site Training Program

‘Empowering Mobeds’ is conducting, an off-site training program on, ‘Self-Awareness and Effectively Working with Others’, only for Mobeds. This training program with food and accommodation comes at No Financial Cost, except an investment of your commitment to learning. Content covered will include: Self-awareness Basic psycho-therapeutic concepts Discussion and Activities through group work We request you to register early to avoid […]

The Parsis Of Navsari: A Proud Past, A Progressive Present, A Promising Future

The ‘Local Committee of The WZO Trusts at Navsari’ has organised a function addressing three crucial aspects important for the Community’s future – at Navsari’s Bai Dosibai Kotwal Parsi Boy’s Orphanage (Servai Party Plot) on 20th January, 2019 – as under: 1. Acknowledging Our Mobed Sahebs: As no community can survive without a strong religious […]