A Little Bit Of This, Just A Dash Of That And What Have We?! Navroz Mubarak!!!

As we near 21st March, Ratimai tends to get mushy. “Darab, remember how we said ‘Pasand-e Kardim’ (the Parsi equivalent of ‘I do’) forty-three years ago, just on the very happy day of Jamshedji Navroz? “Harrumph!” reacted Darabsha. “Why the ‘harrumphing’? There is nothing to be grumpy about! ’Tis the season of plenty! Plenty of […]


I swear to God, there was nothing wrong with Mahim creek yesterday… Greenish-black sludge muttered as it swept unwillingly under the railway bridge. It smelled evil, with the air of the vindictive offered vengeance. Perhaps assaulting the nostrils of commuting Mumbaikars twice a day was about all the vengeance it could extract… but in a […]

Meherbai’s Mandli Meet For Some Elaar-Pelaar

The Mandli met at Freny Fatakri’s spacious house over tea and snacks which included an exotic chocolate-liquor-cake, mutton samosas, kolmi kababs and chicken nuggets. Khadhri Faridafui: Bus!! Only this much snacks? Meherbai: Everyone has brought along some snack. Farida dikra, what have you brought? Faridafuiji: I have brought my mittho husband, Henpecked Hormusji. Sorry, I’m late as I’m taking singing lessons […]

Meherbai’s Mandli Discusses Marriage!!

Meherbai’s Mandli recently had a ‘Marriage pe charcha’ on the controversial subject – marriage! Henpecked Hormusji: If I had murdered my wife, Faridafui, 14 years ago, I would have been out of jail today after serving my full term of imprisonment! Now its life-imprisonment! Mahri tabyet lathri gaij because of my unhappy marriage! Firdos Fituri: Go to your family doctor […]

Cyrus The (Not So) Great!

Valentine’s Day And COVID! . Dikras and Dikris!! We have a dilemma!!! No, not whether to support the Shiv Sena in local politics, or whether ‘Aleti Paleti’ should have a revival… these issues can be debated at another, more secretive forum. Today’s dilemma is a little more private… Or maybe, we should entertain the word […]

Cyrus The (Not So) Great

Valentine’s Day And COVID! . As the world grapples with this situation, (I’m talking of poor connectivity of Wifi), I would like to apologise to the readers for being somewhat dormant in the last few months. Apparently, there’s some sort of illness out there, for which all of us investigative journalists, Parsi and Non-Parsi, but […]