Film Review – Rustom

The only category left unexplored by the Filmfare folks is that of ‘Best Casting Director’. With Akshay Kumar in the eponymous Rustom, based on the celebrated Nanavati case of 1959, this lacuna should hopefully be addressed. But first things first. The film, ‘suggested by actual events’, bears striking resemblances to the incidents of the 1959 […]

Film Review: FEVER

Accompanying Jason Bourne this week in losing his memory is Armin Salem (Rajeev Khandelwal) who meets with a car accident on a lonely road in picturesque Switzerland. Attending to him there is Dr. David Roy (Victor Banerjee) who asks him all the right questions but fails to ignite his memory. ‘It’s a brain injury,’ the […]

Review: Dishoom

OK. The opening and closing frames of the film couldn’t have been more reprehensible — John Abraham (Kabir), a crack member of the Special Task Force and the blue-eyed boy of the External Affairs Ministry (the Minister is a woman, of course!) is shown smoking in an elevator and flicking a lit cigarette at the […]