Film Review: FEVER

Accompanying Jason Bourne this week in losing his memory is Armin Salem (Rajeev Khandelwal) who meets with a car accident on a lonely road in picturesque Switzerland. Attending to him there is Dr. David Roy (Victor Banerjee) who asks him all the right questions but fails to ignite his memory. ‘It’s a brain injury,’ the […]

Review: Dishoom

OK. The opening and closing frames of the film couldn’t have been more reprehensible — John Abraham (Kabir), a crack member of the Special Task Force and the blue-eyed boy of the External Affairs Ministry (the Minister is a woman, of course!) is shown smoking in an elevator and flicking a lit cigarette at the […]

Film Review – Madaari

The intense chemistry between Nirmal Kumar (Irrfan Khan) and young lad Rohan Goswami (Vishesh Bansal) paves the way for a – not exactly thrilling, but – fascinating film. Nirmal ingeniously kidnaps Rohan, the son of the Home Minister and demands to identify the perpetrators of the man-made calamity which snuffed out the life of his […]